Lefebvre Sarrut,
leader in legal and tax knowledge

The Lefebvre Sarrut group was created in 1999 through the merger of two historic players in the legal and tax publishing sector in France, Editions Francis Lefebvre and Editions Législatives, shortly joined by Dalloz – and has since experienced significant growth in Europe by structuring itself around 3 business lines :

publishing training software

Our Markets


We address general management, legal departments, human resources and training departments, administrative and financial departments of companies of all sizes.

In this market, the key development is the role of legal and human resources departments. Lefebvre Sarrut is committed to working alongside these professionals to establish their role as “business partners” of organisations.


Lefebvre Sarrut supports lawyers, accountants, notaries, bailiffs and magistrates in the development of their profession in the face of a profoundly changing environment. As a true day-to-day partner, we support the regulated legal and accounting professions in the appropriation of new technologies and the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements.


Lefebvre Sarrut makes the law accessible to all by supporting State services, local authorities, public establishments and the associative sector. Furthermore, as a leader in legal and fiscal knowledge, Lefebvre Sarrut works concretely in favour of the opening up of legal decisions by making its research and development work available to the public.


Because the success of tomorrow’s professionals is at the heart of our concerns, Lefebvre Sarrut facilitates access to law for students and works in close collaboration with universities.

Our subsidiaries and brands


2nd largest legal publisher in the Netherlands for lawyers, companies, chartered accountants, real estate specialists and public actors. Sdu also offers event and seminar creation services.

Created by the merger between Francis Lefebvre Publishing and El Derecho Quantor, Lefebvre is the leading legal publisher in Spain with a wide range of paper and digital documents for legal and accounting professionals.

Larcier Luxembourg (formerly Promoculture-Larcier) offers documentary solutions and training specific to the Luxembourg legal and tax market, in French and English. Its Luxembourg activities have also recently enabled it to receive the Made in Luxembourg label for its documentary platform Strada lex Luxembourg and its periodicals under Luxembourg law.

To better support the development of its customers, Larcier, Indicator, Intersentia and Bruylant have joined forces. These publishers are absolute references in all legal and tax fields in Belgium. Each of them addresses its own target group : academics, lawyers, tax experts, accountants, business managers or self-employed.

Germany’s leading digital legal publisher, in a joint venture with the federal government and in partnership with independent publishers.

Legal editor for SMEs and their advisors. Releases information letters and related portals based on the same basic principles: short and concise, expressed in clear, precise and unequivocal language that is immediately applicable in practice. Precise, clear and substantiated advice on regulatory developments, jurisprudence, all accompanied by practical and directly …

The result of the merger between Giuffrè Editore and the Memento Francis teams, the company is the leading legal publisher in Italy. Its editorial content and innovative services are inspired by the needs of legal and tax professionals.

A leader in the fields of accounting, finance, taxation and law, the organization has a catalogue of more than 450 training courses in 12 fields of expertise.

Leader in social law and human resources training, Elegia offers multimodal training in health, safety, quality, environment, finance, urban planning, construction, property management, management and personal development.

Historical know-how of Legislative Editions, legal documentation (dictionaries, codes, guides, or ELnet.fr) offers reliable, easily accessible information and is constantly updated.

The leader in tax and accounting documentation. The particular effectiveness of its services results from the combination of teams of internal writers, specialized in their field, and external practitioners.

Offers more than 500 practical and topical training courses. Dalloz prepares students for the CRFPA entrance exam and Dalloz Métiers Publics provides training for public officials and preparation for administrative competitions. A key event in the sector? The Omnidroit Workshops of which they are the organizers.

The leader in professional and university legal publishing in France. With thousands of titles signed by the greatest names in Law, Dalloz reflects the richness and dynamism of French production in legal matters.

3rd multi-specialist player in professional training in France and also in management, CSP offers more than 550 tailor-made internships in its catalogue. It is the first organization to obtain the 3 quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Bärchen is an independent training organization specialized in training for companies, banks, management companies, market operators, insurances and mutual insurance companies.